Friday, April 25, 2008

Husband Appreciation Day!!

I am a newbie when it comes to PHP, so my wonderful husband, who is also just learning PHP, but is a coding extraordinare, offered to code a sign up web app for me. He stayed up until 2AM working on it and got it working! We are going to embed it into the website tonight (after I finish it today). It works similar to a commenting script, but will just have different form variations, as well as a turing test to deter spam bots. It won't be the typical type this nonsensical word garbage that drives everyone nuts.

My husband is a genius and makes all this stuff look easy. He has probably forgotten more stuff about computers (which isn't much), than more people will ever learn over the course of their lifetime! Love you baby, and thanks for all you efforts. Looking forward to learning how you did it tonight. I do love our codefu sessions. Break out the coffee, it's gonna be a late one.

The project I have been working so furiously on is for teacher appreciation week. I am the room parent for my son Javi's classroom. He is in a wonderful program for high-functioning ASD kids at Deer Canyon Elementary (social, verbal and few sensory issues, not to say those with out these skills are low functioning, that is just the term typically used to describe). I have been creating a flyer to go home with the kids in their back packs on Monday (part of it pictured below) that has information about Teacher Appreciation Week and how the parents can get involved. I have also been designing a one page website that will have more info about teacher appreciation, a sign up sheet to volunteer to bring lunch to the teacher, pay pal to donate money for a gift, and some other pretty cool features and info. The link is in the flyer so it needs to be done before Monday, so the pressure is on!! I'll post pics of the site when it's all finished.

The teacher's favorite color is green and her favorite flower is a daisy, so I thought I would incorporate that in to everything.


~Mama Skates~ said...

wow - how thoughtful! what a great way to use ur talents to show ur appreciation to the teachers! and btw - u r soooo talented - u and ur hubby amaze me!

Shanna Grimes said...

Awe...thanks mama ;)

JSmith5780 said...

was that first paragraph even English?? I am SO not a computer/code person. Thankfully wordpress runs on it's own or I'd be up a creek ;)

But really, what an awesome thing to do!