Saturday, April 19, 2008

Being married to a Mac Junkie/Apple Developer

If you ever wondered what it was like to be married, dating or otherwise involved with a coder, watch this clip and it pretty much has Mark to a T. Mark's idea of a romantic gift was bringing me an iPhone already set up, which I am not at all knocking by the way, because it has been one of the most useful gifts ever. It's nice to have all the latest in Mac gadgetry. However, flowers would be nice on occasion or a date planned entirely by him. Hint Hint!!! Anniversary is right around the corner. He subscribes to my blog. I know you are reading this Mark :) I love you!!

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baby trevor's mommy said...

That was TOO cute!


~Mama Skates~ said...

that was funny!

about the camping tips...number one thing to remember - don't trip about them getting dirty and take LOTS of extra clothes/shoes....cause someone will fall in the river or decide to make mud pies (and then roll in them)...but that's all part of camping!

the best thing about our trips have been that it's with my parents and their big 'ol's got a shower, oven, fridge, tv, even tho we stay outside (we're not those campers that just sit in their RV & watch tv all day), it's nice having those conveniences near by...we always rent a cabin to sleep in and end up spending a majority of our time hanging out at my parent's site

my hubby & i go "real camping" in a tent, deep in the woods about once a year - but that's without the little ones...i think that might be a little too hard to pull off just yet