Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Loves Disco

We had such a great time at Baby Loves Disco. What a great idea! It was fun to get out with other parents with kids the same age and have a place where you can dance with your kiddos to good music in a kid friendly environment. Aubergine is a popular night club in downtown San Diego. I used to frequent the club in my much younger, single years. For more info on Baby Loves Disco, visit their website.

We danced to some disco, electronica, old school, and some fun 50's music. Similar to the music you might hear at a wedding. The stuff everyone knows. There was something for everyone. They also had a adult/kid friendly snack bar and juice boxes that was included in the price of the ticket. You also had the option to bring your own, and another great option, to have an adult cocktail. I did partake in one Absolut Mandrin and Seven, while Mark helped himself to the three Martini lunch. We hadn't eaten any solids all day until we hit up the snack bar, so Mark was a little tipsy. Cucumber and apple juice just doesn't pad the stomach enough ;)

It was a three hour event, but our little ones were pooped out after two hours, so we decided to head out. We had parked at Horton Plaza so we could get free parking for three hours and we still had to head in to the mall to buy something for validation. Kaylee finally got a Taggie. That was what I went in to buy to get validated. I had been wanting to buy her one for a while, since she is really in to tags. Her and Ethan are like Jack Sprat and the wife whose fat. Ethan has to have every tag, inside and out, cut off absolutely everything. Kaylee loves tags and that is the main thing she plays with if one of her toys or blankies has one.

Anyway, it was a good time. I think I will sign us up for the next one in June, since it was such a hit. Enjoy the pics!

alphastatedotnet's Baby Loves Disco photosetalphastatedotnet's Baby Loves Disco photoset

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~Mama Skates~ said...

haha, gabrielle is like that too - regardless of whether it's really itching her or not, the tag has to be cut out!