Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Some days I just feel like running out of the house screaming. Normally I work well under pressure, but sometimes the pressure is to much and I just feel like dropping everything. The week started out pretty good, busy, but still good. It is going down hill fast.

To sum up:

Kaylee, neuro on Monday, outcome was extremely positive, already blogged about it by mobile blogging, yay first time doing that.

Kaylee, PT, things are going well and don't know what I would do with out Summer!! She is great and feels more like a friend than a PT for Kaylee.

Javi, new art class on Monday afternoon, outcome positive, although behaviors lately have been hard to manage

Javi, behavior mod initial meeting to overview treatment on Tuesday, outcome was confusing. Don't feel I really know what the plan is other than to calm his stimming and flapping, and get him to be more compliant, DUH!! That is what I asked for!! Still want to know how they plan to help?? I asked and the answer was dodgy. They have had seven weeks to plan this out and I don't feel like there is an actual plan, combined with the fact that she doesn't have any availability during hours when Javi is actually here at the moment, but she wanted to schedule time anyway. OK, whateva!

Ethan, still fighting the good fight with potty training. Had success at school yesterday, which we celebrated by going to McDonald's. Yay, Ethan!! Still, to anyone that has potty trained a kid on the spectrum. This is a very frustrating process for which you need unlimited patience.

Ethan and Kaylee are still sick, it's going on almost two weeks with the runny noses. Kept Ethan home today. I think I will call the doc to see if we need to be seen. I feel like I live in a Doc's office. We were seen just two weeks ago for all of them being sick. Could go broke off the co-pays for three kids.

Javi, very stimmy and frustrated this week, STAR testing going on and our Wii is broken, so his main motivator for good behavior (the Wii buck token system) has been taken out of action. Wii bucks don't work so well if you can't spend them. Have to send that in this week.

Kaylee, teething, need I saw more? She's been biting, crying, wakeful, etc...

House, in a complete state of disarray. I have been trying to purge, spring clean, finish the flooring in the bathroom, clean up the back yard. They are getting ready to paint and our side yard looks like a dump since I cleaned the garage on Friday. Need to call to have a pick up service to take that cr*p to the dump.

House hunting, well, for now, just staying on top of the market, home prices and what you get for the price. We are not looking to buy til next year, but still need to keep an eye on things. Someone please tell my husband that most people start looking about a year before they buy to get an idea of what they are looking for in a house and what they can get for the money!!!!!!!

Holy moly!! Don't have anything in my schedule today!! Wow!! That will change if I call the doctor.

Tomorrow, we have Ethan's IEP, to which I have scheduled respite care for Kaylee. I still have not had a confirmation call, so I called this AM and they said they would confirm it this evening. Hello?? The appointment is tomorrow and I called on Monday to schedule it. If I need to cancel or find someone else, I need more than the night before to do this!!! They totally ditched out with out calling the last time I called and my husband had to take off work. So, I am calling Regional Center to switch respite care service tomorrow. This is unacceptable.

Let's not forget that I also have to squeeze in laundry, cleaning, blogging, researching for my new client, and finding some time to play with the kids, work on things with Kaylee to help her development, potty train Ethan, do homework with Javi (though minimal during STAR testing), play referee to two fighting boys, cook dinner, clean the damn juicer, shop for all the healthy food in the house (which takes twice as long because you have to read labels and everything has to be made from scratch, washed, makes twice as many dishes and twice as long to prep) feed children, bathe children, get them to bed, schedule appointments, and also finding sometime in there to spend time with my husband. Where does that leave time for me??? Which other than the blogging and taking a shower is the only free time I get.

Can you say ARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!???????


~Mama Skates~ said...

u poor thing - what a crazy week! i've felt like i'm being pulled in 100 diff directions so far this week too - i hope that it all works out for u! pray, pray, pray & remember - this too shall pass!!! thinking of u this week ~sharon

baby trevor's mommy said...

I'm such a bad friend! Or maybe you're too good at describing...cause I couldn't help but laugh! And then feel guilty for laughing!

And of I don't feel so bad about Bristel fussing at me ALL DAY LONG! :o)


Shanna Grimes said...

Thanks, for thinking of us. I think I do some of it to myself. Thinking it might be good to be outside, I started cleaning up the patio and bbq. Things were going ok, until I sprayed weed b gone in my eye on accident. I closed my eyes and felt around for the garden hose. I sprayed and flushed my eyes with a hose on full force, burr! It was pretty cold. I actually had make up on, so I looked really pretty after ;)

No, it's easy to laugh about other people's misery :) It makes you feel like you aren't alone. I laugh when I read those posts, not because I think it's funny, but because I know the feeling. You know the old saying "Misery loves company".

JSmith5780 said...

yup, misery loves company!

I did laugh at to things...making time for blogging and cleaning the juicer! I warned you about why our juicer just sits on the shelf... I refuse to clean it... it's a pain in the @$$.

Hopes things settle soon!

Shanna Grimes said...

Jen, I had your blog in mind with the "misery loves company" thing. We have so much of the same drama going on with our kids, I laugh out loud, literally when I read your blog because I totally know the feeling. I've either been there, going there, or there with you at the same time, since our kids have similar issues and are similar ages, and my two eldest are boys, ugh!! Need I say more!

Boys are just a different breed than girls. I know I will have different troubles with Kay as she gets older, so I am not out of the woods. I can't rough her up and wrestle with Kay the way I do with my boys. They are a handful, but fun.

Yes, the juicer is a handful too. I think I hate preping certain fruit more than cleaning the juicer. I hate using oranges or pineapple because you have to peel and hull. The whole process is a pain in the @$$, but it's worth the liquid health that comes out. I am enjoying a smoothie for lunch now.