Friday, February 15, 2008

Washington Break

It's been a while, I know. It's been a busy week and ramping up to be an even busier week next week. The kids will be on break, so yes, that means all of them will be here at the same time. Ahhhh! It definitely won't be a break for mom. We do have a few things going on next week. A couple doctor's appointments, a visit to Grandma's, and Javi's Aitona will be in the hospital. We are hoping for a super speedy recovery for Big Javier. We will definitely make some time to do something fun as well. Maybe we will head to the Zoo or Wild Animal one of the days.

Javi had a special date with a special Valentine this year. Brianne and family took Javi out for a Valentine dinner, since Aita was out of town this week. What a lucky lady to have such a handsome Valentine! We are moulding Javi to be a real ladies man. He had a card and a box of chocolates for his date. I am sure he was a perfect gentleman, with only the occasional burp, and mention of pee or poo, which has been Javi's favorite topic of discussion. We have tried to counter this by simply telling him that poop talk belongs in the bathroom (a tip I learned from an old pro) and he gets sent to the bathroom until he gets it out of his system. I only wish he went half as much as he talks about it!

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