Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Parent Education Night for Children on the ASD Scale

Tonight we attended parent education night. It was interesting to hear the other parent's stories and what they have tried to counteract difficult behaviors. The information presented was interesting, however, I think the lecture was a little hard to follow. Sometimes people that are experts in a particular field, forget that the lay person has a hard time understanding all the jargon. When you are relatively new to the diagnosis, you just want to know how to help you child with out having to learn a new language. Although hearing about artificial consequences and differential reinforcement is interesting. Listing it in a flow chart to keep us newbies on topic, would probably not help. Learning all those terms is an afterthought when your child can't make it through a grocery store run with out throwing themselves on the floor and screaming.

Fortunately, that is not the case for our family these days. Javi has really made a lot of progress over the past few years after using many of the techniques suggested by ABA. However, I must stress that you have to find what works for your child. ASD children cannot be put in to a box and categorized. What works for one child, will not necessarily work for another. The best advice I can offer that is more a "real world", realistic technique that can be applied to nearly every avenue of your life:

Recipe for Success for your ASD Child
a heaping cup of patience
a generous portion of love and understanding
a tablespoon of the professional techniques

Blend until you get the right consistency.

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