Monday, February 4, 2008

My brother's first day of school

Today, I helped my little brother get ready for his first day of school. I helped him brush his teeth, put on his back pack and get in the car. Ethan was pretty excited about his first day. He cried when Mom and I left, but I think he will get used to going to school in a couple weeks. I was pretty nervous to go to school for the first time too, but now that I am big, I love it. Ethan's new teacher is very nice. Ethan has a visual schedule just like the one I had when I first started preschool. Now that I am in second grade, I don't need a picture schedule. I can just read the times and activities I have planned for the day. Mom dropped me off at school after we took Ethan, so we were a few minutes late for school. I don't like being late, so I kept telling Mom to drive fast so I wouldn't miss the morning announcements.

I can't wait to hear all about his first day when I get home from school today! I hope he made lots of new friends.


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