Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pink Eye Monster

Ethan is having his second stint of pink eye in a month. Poor little guy! It started out as a cold and then turned into pink eye. He had the same thing about a month ago when he first started preschool. I know every kids goes through the sick66 (sick six times the first six months) when they first start school, but Ethan is just getting pummeled. He gets one after another. After the first week of school, he got three different illnesses in a row and was sick for 10 days. I am just hoping he is well by spring break so we can do something fun.

It has definitely been tough keeping everyone well. All three kids and Mark are not well. Javi with the lip (see his blog), Ethan with the cold and pink eye, Kaylee with her teeth and I think she may also be coming down with something, and now Mark got taken down with a cold. Everyone was home today. I didn't sit down hardly at all today. Every two minutes someone needed something, so it's nice to relax now. I have to stay well, at least until everyone else gets well :)